That's me!

That’s me! is a human experience application tool that connects people who suffer from dementia with their family. Its simple and easy-to-use interface offers the patients two main options: On one side, they can read personal information about them...


UnfollowMe is a project we did during the Hackathon 2019. It's a small game prototype of a mobile game (made with unity). Its goal is to raise awareness of how to handle social media, what to upload (e.g. photos, you should not upload) and also ho...

EVA - Everyday Assistant for Demetia



Blindspot is a game made in Unity. The core idea behind it is to raise awareness of bullying in children between the age of 10 to 14. Take on the role of either a bully, a spectator or the bullied and make choices on how the game should progress....


Mirror tries to reduce the impact of unrealistic beauty standards by providing a network, that allows the user to show the beauty of flaws and imperfections without covering them with filters. The intention of this platform is to make people feel mor...

Mobile Aid-Kit

7 minutes. That’s how long it takes the average ambulance to reach the emergency site. 7 minutes that can decide whether a person survives or not. 7 minutes that can be used by people passing or close by to provide first aid. Only 15% of people corre...

Hero 2 Hero

The local hero movement is a networking app. Overcoming physical and mental barriers, allowing physically disabled people to reach out for immediate or planned assistance in mobility and forming a community of everyday heroes. Moving you, removin...


Fooho is a Social Food Sharing network encouraging people to meet, share ingredients, cook together and use food sustainably. After creating an account users can join a food sharing group in their immediate environment (e.g. their student dorm or ...

Words in Motion

Words in Motion is a computer game teaching sign language. The priority in this project is not a good learning app which is a game, but rather a good game which helps you learn sign language. Through interaction with different characters you le...


For people who want to learn sign language, it's hard to find someone to practise on a regular basis. Therefore, we create an app to connect these people, who want to learn sign language with native speakers (deaf people) and get in touch with eac...


Solving the lack of use of common rooms in buildings by giving an empowering app to neighborhoods in order to self-manage the facilities. ...


mproving the quality of life of enterostomy patients by creating a customizable, odour-neutralizing stoma bag....


Moral Journey

A 3D Unity / VR game about making moral decisions in everyday life with the goal of giving the players a better perspective of their own reality and improve moral competence in teenagers.


helpUhelp addresses two volunteer issues. On the one hand, the recruiting of volunteers is difficult because of the lack of information about volunteering opportunities. On the other hand, the coordination and communication at the interface between volunteering and professional activity is not efficient. helpUhelp is a tool that provides an easy and quick solution to both problems. Interested people receive the needed information quick and easy. The coordination between professionals and volunteers will be more efficient.


This app should support children and teenagers aged 10 to 16 years to socialize in school, help each other and work together. Echo contains an anonymous chat function where the children can talk about their interests, problems and feelings. Others can comment on those topics and a supervisor/mod is watching the discussions and is able to delete any inappropriate messages (mobbing, cursing, …). The access to the app is limited and only students can use it. Another feature is the blog that contains posts of people who suffered from mental disorders and tell the children how they managed to live with them or recovered. This is supposed to help the affected children and give them hope. The last feature is a game where the children have to work together to achieve a collective goal.


JOBme is a website that will help teenagers to choose the desired occupations. Furthermore, based on a selection of interests, hobbies, and others day-to-day activities, the program will provide a list of suitable occupations tailored to the personality of the teenagers. In addition, the website offers the opportunity to receive more comprehensive information on the proposed professions. As a result, potential employers can present their company via video or 360 ° videos.

Passion Pursuit

PassionPursuit is a VR game that helps teenager reflect on their skills and interests in order to choose the right occupation. Moreover, there is a corresponding Website where users can see their results from thegame. They can choose from suggested occupations and fields of study, but also learn about companies where they could work.

Walk in your shoes

A game creating awareness of the affection of poverty on youth in Austria. The users find themselves in the shoes of a teenager. This teenager is confronted with several choices in which he/she realizes how poverty influences everyday-life. Since every fifth Austrian is affected by poverty, this is an important topic to be communicated.

Give n Give

A Social Network where users can help each other on all kinds of tasks: Chores, Grocery Shopping, Studying etc. Users earn Karma Points on completing tasks, which are converted to real life money, which is used for charitable causes.


LAMA is a website which should provide an easily accessible platform for preventive health examinations. Due to the stress and the fast pace of life the topic of health is often overlooked, particularly the topic of preventive health measures. By sharing age and sex information with LAMA, the service informs you about which doctors you should see in what frequency, which examinations are necessary and whether the costs are covered by your insurance.


One of nowadays major problems is the lack of mobility for people with disabilities, caused by the misconnection on barrier-free transport. Meeting up with friends or even visiting a doctor can imply big problems. But not only people with disabilities are affected with this, also people with prams, schoolchildren dependent on public transport or the elder generation which probably isn’t that good on foot anymore.

Smart Guard

Smart Guard helps people are at risk in emergency cases. With the help of the Smart Buddy wearable it studies your health situation and your average heartbeat, analyzes the noises surrounding you (silence, screaming, bombs, and others), your movements and your location. Combined with other factors like the current daytime, data about dangerous and unsafe areas an intelligent machine learning based algorithm can analyze these inputs and decide if you are in danger or in unsafe situations and categorize them. If something happens, it sends an auto-alarm for the current situation to contacts of your choice or to emergency services (police/ER).

Mobi Dic

MobiDic is a voice-driven app making documentation much easier in social organizations. Documentation is one of the most important things in social organizations and their clients (how they improve, where their problems lie). With Mobi Dic social workers could provide quality documentation and save a lot of time: generally a working day implies at least 2 hours of writing. This APP could improve the daily work of social workers and social organization, granting more mobility, more quality and saving time.


dumpster chef

We love food and friends and therefore we need to create the ultimate tool to combine the best of both worlds. dumpster chef is an adventurous journey and your chance to make new friends and the world a better place by opposing the throw-away society...


GAME.MORE.aussi is a multimedia project primarily aimed at young people in special mental institutions for surmounting video game addiction. We want to positively encourage them to get in touch with other people. To achieve this, we combine...


Ein Lernspiel für junge Menschen, die vor der ersten politischen Wahl stehen. Das Spiel gibt eine kurze und verständliche Übersicht über die verschiedenen Parteien und die Werte, die diese vertreten. Am Ende weiß der Spieler hoffentlich, welche Par...

Griaß di neighbour

The goal of „Griaß di, neighbour“, which is a completely new project in Salzbug, is to improve communal life within the typical small neighbourhood or village street. What makes a great neighbourhood? Key virtues include safety, security, solidarity,...