This online event takes place in challenging times. We will try to work together, to innovate and be creative, to come up with solutions to important problems. Some of us might be called away on emergency duty at any time. Let’s treat each other with kindness and understanding.

We are thankful if you are able to participate for the full time indicated each day.

Thursday | March 19th

  • 16:45

    Welcome to the Online Hackathon

    A short welcome presentation in Teams followed by some game to get to know the other participants. 

  • 17:15

    How to hack it online

    A short introduction to working online in creative teams. Some tools, some recommenations, enough to get you started. 

  • 18:15

    Dinner Break

    Taking breaks while working remotely is important too.

  • 18:45


    Start brainstorming with the other participants. You can join any channel to take with the people interested in the topic.

  • 19:45

    End of day

    Thank you for your hard work for today!

Friday | March 20th

  • 09:00


    Now is the time to constitute the perfect Team: 6 to 8 people, all skills present, one idea to work on. Please fill in the team rosters in Microsoft Teams. 

  • 09:30


    Organize your work for the day as a team. Somebody should be doing research in the morning.

  • 11:00

    Video-Stream by Natasa Deutinger: Market-Solution-Fit

    You can join this Stream to learn how to evalute your project idea. Maybe one or two of your team want to join, while the others continue workingThe FHStartup team will also be available for individual or team coachings in the afternoon. 

  • 11:30

    Lunch Break

    Use this time to get some lunch and take a break.

  • 13:00 - 16:00

    Self organized Work, Coaching as needed

    Coaching as needed.

    Use the rest of the day as you see fit, and as it fits your team.  Coaches will be available in Microsoft Teams during these hours. 

  • 16:00

    End of day

    Thanks for your hard work today!

Saturday | March 21st

  • 09:30


    Get your whole team up to date on the project. Plan your day. When you’re done, post a “status” message to the general channel (“Kanal Allgemein”):  Ideally: record 2 minutes of your meeting as a “presentation”.

  • 10:00

    How to make a presentation

  • 10:00

    Self organized Work - Coaching as needed

  • 11:30

    Lunch Break

    Take a break and have some lunch!

  • 13:00

    Prepare your presentation.

    Prepare your final presentations. Self-organized Work, Coaching as needed

  • 16:00

    Hand in your presentation

    Deadline: Hand in your presentations. More Infos on where to hand it in will follow.

  • 16:00

    The End

    Now get an online drink with your online team and online relax!  (or maybe some part of that should be offline after all).

The Topics

This hackathon will have a selection of 17 diverse social topics.

0 - Thought Experiment 12 months

Let's assume it will take until March 2021 before schools and universities are allowed to offer on site teaching again, before social events are allowed again. 12 months before life returns to normal.

PDF Poster

1 - Emergency Compass

The social service landscape is unclear and hard to manage for the people who need support. Placement through counselling centers is resource-intensive and suitable offers are often difficult to find and use. Additional hurdles include language barriers as well as care obligations.

PDF Poster

2 - Security for Girls & Women

Women are increasingly victims of crimes against their sexual integrity and self-determination. The number of incidences in Salzburg has been increasing and many women feel uncomfortable on their own. One must ask themselves: How would I react, defend myself or help others in a dangerous situation?

PDF Poster

3 - Environmentally Friendly Mobility

Almost 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU are attributed to transport. This has a huge impact on the environment and must be reduced. However, many people from rural areas are still dependent on their cars in order to commute to work.

PDF Poster

4 - Blackout

Home healthcare providers do not seem to be sufficiently prepared for a blackout, i.e. a widespread and prolonged power failure. It would therefore not be possible to maintain service operations in the event of an emergency like a major power outage.

PDF Poster

5 - Hiking for Visually Impaired People

There is little awareness in society of the need to create tourist hiking offers for the visually impaired. Therefore few opportunities exists that would empower them to hike without personal assistance. In order to enable them to organize their leisure time independently, the creation of such offers is necessary.

PDF Poster

6 - The Homework Game

Many students cannot cope with homework on their own, which can lead to additional stress for both students and parents. Teachers have no control over whether the homework is completed by the students themselves or not. Therefore, the learning progress is hardly verifiable.

PDF Poster

7 - Online Volunteering

Social and economic integration in a new country is a huge challenge for migrants because of language barriers, job opportunities, everyday competences, etc. As individuals are diverse, the problems they face in everyday life are too. Therefore, integration offers need to be flexible and adaptable to people from different backgrounds.

PDF Poster

8 - Cultural Participation Through Gatherings

People of low socioeconomic status are at risk of social exclusion. Social exclusion manifests itself when social inclusion, understood as the full social, cultural, political and economic participation, is not fully achieved.

PDF Poster

9 - Sustainable Handling of Food

In Austria, 157,000 food items that are still edible are thrown away every year. Valuable resources are needed, but also wasted, for example through harvesting, production, storage and transport.

PDF Poster

10 - Labor Market Integration for Refugees

Refugees are not allowed to work while they are applying for asylum. The process takes a long time and therefore people don’t have daily structure or the opportunity to meet and get to know Austrians. People with subsidiary protection or asylum also face different barriers and need help with regards to integration.

PDF Poster

11 - Mental Health for High School Students

One quarter of children and adolescents in Austria are confronted with mental health problems. This has a negative impact on their well-being, social environment, school environment as well as their professional future.

PDF Poster

12 - Cultural Integration and Participation for Migrants

Integration succeeds through relationships. If migrants have no Austrian acquaintances, integration will be delayed, feelings of exclusion will continue and language acquisition will take longer. Therefore, segregation, social inequalities and prejudices against migrants will continue to exist.

PDF Poster

13 - “DAVORsorge”

As people grow older, their lives change and they need support with regards to issues such as care, housing, legal matters, inheritance and quality of life. Professionals from the fields of law and mediation have the potential to create clarity, structure and security in case of emergency through joint planning.

PDF Poster

14 - I care, but who cares for me?

Caring for family members is a huge burden: Family caregivers are are faced with emotional and physical stress, family related problems, depression, isolation and financial strains. Current support systems for the overstrained caregivers are both insufficient and inadequate.

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15 - Violence Against Nurses

Violence against nurses results in injuries, sick leave but also depression and fear - down the road leading to an evasion of specific patients and inadequate care. The topic of fear is of particular importance, since nurses are often alone in their work and there is no possibility to get help quickly.

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16 - Where Do I Go Next?

Patients often feel helpless, anxious and overwhelmed when navigating on hospital grounds between appointments and when having to figure out which staff is able to help with which personal need. This is even more so the case for non-native speakers, persons with disabilities and persons new to our health-care system.

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Our Sponsors

This event is sponsored by the province of Salzburg within the initiative Startup Salzburg.